Our job is our passion


Made up of 40 Ha in Graves (30 Ha) and Bordeaux Supérieur (10 Ha) appellations (AOC). Grapevines are planted with a density of planting going of 5 500 - 6 200 feet by hectare and age means is of 30 years old. Lands are cultivated traditionally and ploughed in the Graves area.

The vineyard is constituted of Merlot Noir (75 % of the surface) and of Cabernet Sauvignon (25 %) for the red and Sémillon (70 %), Sauvignon (25 %) and Muscadelle (5 %) for the white.


The cellars are 1 500 m2 large with a total vat house of 4000 HL. Vinification is traditionally made with long fermentation (3 to 4 weeks) for red wines in order to extract all the tannins which bring out the aromatic complexity and richness. The temperature of fermentations for white and red wines is controlled.

Since grape harvests 2009 we inaugurated our ultramodern new cellar of wine production. The temperarture of all vats are automatically controlled.